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Doing my University MBA at Dallas in 1990, I was already running my brokering business as an independent to worldwide customers and collectors. Working in the shade to provide brilliant cars was challenging. Later beside my main family business activity, I continued to improve my skills in order to offer multiple ranges of services and to answer to specific demands.

Founder of Lamborghini club in Belgium since 2007, I’m myself a collector for last 30 years, knowing what a collector is looking for. Discretion and transparency are my standards, objective advices and evaluation of costs for restoration budget are included in my service at the highest order. 

Specialised in Porsche RS, RSR, GT3 & GT2 range, a skill due to my previous owned companies in Porsche Tuning and Porsche Racing Team, in addition to my other passion fully devoted to Lamborghini, as I was “born” in true “Bull” enthusiast family… leading me to learn so much about Ferruccio Lamborghini’s empire.

I’m not limiting my skill to Lamborghini and Porsche RS range, which are what my regular customers are seeking... I have a strong Automobile market knowledge and a network of collectors worldwide. My added value as a service provider is the right guidance in your best interest either to sell or to buy.

Are you considering to invest or to sell a Vintage Lamborghini ?

I will advice you in a frankly open discussion in order to determine which model will suit you best. I can also assist you bidding at auction houses, inspecting cars at private party, dealers or garage.

Feel free to contact me.


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